Stories Amplified

In 2022, Harmony Project moved into and began renovating a theatre and office space allowing for additional performances and programming to amplify and share the stories of those in our communities seldom heard.

1,000 people

attended The Harmony Sessions — new, innovative, free performances combining dynamic performances with compelling storytelling and calls to action.

2 communities

were brought together—Jewish Columbus and the North Linden community—to share a Shabbat dinner and to learn about one another, bridging cultural divides and finding pathways toward mutual cooperation and service.

Breaking Barriers

Harmony and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction broke new ground bringing incarcerated men and women together to perform. Their stories and combined voices, amplified through song and video, became the backing track for the largest community pop-up chorus ever when 5,000 people gathered at Field to sing as one community.

The harmony sessions

The stories of trans individuals, the experiences of black men and women in our communities, these and other stories were amplified in the innovative new series, The Harmony Sessions.