Impact Expanded

In 2022, Harmony’s community impact expanded through programming, performances, social media, and service to others, reaching broader audiences, bringing more and more people together, shattering stereotypes and challenging people to meet their own biases head-on.

1.8M people

watched “Finding Harmony,” a Disney/ABC Special that successfully exported the Harmony model of building community to John Legend’s hometown, Springfield, Ohio.


value in volunteer service to the community generated by hundreds of volunteers across all of Harmony’s programs.

Thanksgiving for all

Harmony expanded its annual Thanksgiving meal project to include over 350 individuals in supportive housing facilities and re-entry facilities, some for whom it was their first Thanksgiving meal since being released from incarceration.

New program

In a brand new program, students from Columbus International High School and Global Academy, representing more than 20 countries across the globe, found common ground, improved their English language skills, and found the safety to be themselves in their new American community through weekly experiential arts programming.

IN 2022,

Harmony’s Prison Arts Programs expanded to serve more men and women at two institutions, Pickaway Correctional Institution and The Ohio Reformatory for Women, doubling the size of both programs to bring Harmony’s unique brand of building community to more and more people who are living their lives behind bars.

“Harmony Project not only shifts how the men view themselves, this program has changed how we do our jobs.”

– Rochelle Moore, Warden
Pickaway Correctional Institution

video views

Harmony expanded our reach on social media by engaging our audience using video across our channels, driving growth in engagements and increasing our following.