Social Metrics Expanded

In 2022, the impact of Harmony’s reach through our social media channels mirrored the expanding vision of our programming and our broadening impact in the community. Our metrics consistently exemplified the power of social media as a catalyst for positive change and community building.


engagement rate

Harmony’s audience loves to engage with us online. Our rate of engagement across social platforms in 2022 was over 6 times the average engagement of other nonprofits.


new followers

Harmony’s communications strategy across social media exceeded the previous year’s metrics with a 68.6% increase in new followers.

0 video views

In 2022, Harmony focused on videos as a means of communicating our story across our social channels. The result was an astounding 104.2% increase in video views over 2021.

Top Performing Posts


404 engagements
9,881 impressions


4,267 engagements
53,275 impressions

twitter (x)

108 engagements
2,487 impressions