Mission Reignited

By engaging people across cultural divides in volunteer service and community art, Harmony’s mission empowers people to become the catalysts for change in their own communities. In 2022, this mission was reignited through neighborhood beautification efforts, by empowering youth, adults with differing abilities, and incarcerated individuals, and by creating experiential art projects across Columbus neighborhoods.



formed the largest pop-up chorus ever at lower.com field on May 7th.


volunteer opportunities

created through 35 different service projects serving people and neighborhoods throughout Central Ohio.

Metamorphosis Mural

“Metamorphosis,” a large-scale mural at Harmony’s new home commemorating our transformation of the space into a community performance and meeting space.

Harmony Heart Cards

2,500 Harmony Hearts cards, composed by 1,000 incarcerated women, were delivered by community volunteers to adults in supportive housing on Valentine’s Day.

Central Ohio
Public Murals

Over 700 volunteers painted public murals across Central Ohio neighborhoods, redefining “community art,” using art as a catalyst for embracing differences and building community.

300 people

gathered on International Day of Peace forming a pop-up chorus alongside students from Columbus International High School.