With service at the heart of its mission, Harmony is facilitating civic and volunteer engagement for more than 1,000 individuals each year, leveraging more than 60,000 hours of volunteer service – a $1.5 million in-kind value. Community gardens are planted, empty lots become soccer fields, meals are served, murals are painted, supplies are donated, and so much more. Our volunteers represent the cultural mosaic of our community, and serve the social mosaic of our community.


This 500-voice powerhouse chorus requires no musical experience or audition: the only requirement is to serve your community by volunteering. Singers “earn” their way to the stage by serving others. Their concerts fill theatres, arenas, and outdoor parks with tens of thousands in attendance each year.


These small-group workshops help participants find their voices through storytelling, poetry, songwriting, and group discussions. Participants engage in generative writing exercises allowing them to explore, expand, and think creatively. Sharing ideas and concepts opens the heart and mind to new experiences and new ways of thinking. Workshops occur on a rotating basis and in conjunction with other Harmony programs.


Harmony offers weekly arts, education, and service-learning classes that foster social and emotional learning, creativity, responsibility, self-confidence, and community engagement for elementary, middle, and high school students throughout Columbus. 75% of all participating students qualify for free or reduced lunches.

Our impact is reflected in Harmony’s longest running student program at South High School where nearly one-third of the entire student body participates in an afterschool chorus and 100% of participating seniors have successfully graduated. Additional partner schools include KIPP Columbus, United Schools Network, and more than 12 elementary and middle schools throughout the area.


Experiential programs afford participants the opportunity to express themselves creatively through their talents and voices, and heal from the trauma of physical and emotional abuse.

Performances build community inside and outside the prison walls, helping to break down social barriers and shatter stereotypes. Participants are reminded that where they are does not define who they are.

Skype sessions connect South African children in hospice care with those serving time in Ohio through song and storytelling, creating a healing and mutually enriching experience.



Our Friends in Harmony program serves adults who are differently-abled, men and women who have experienced homelessness, and restored citizens, many of whom experience significant physical and/or mental health challenges and live at or below the poverty line.  Participants’ voices are empowered through performances and their lives are enhanced through social engagement and volunteering in the community.

Current partners include Alvis Inc., ARC Industries, Open Door, Goodwill Columbus, IBA Support Services, Minamyer Residential Care Services, and National Church Residences.