“They are standing next to each other, regardless of where they came from in the world, singing the exact same lyrics, feeling the power of music, and really uniting in a very different way than anything we can produce in a school building.” – Caryn Shapiro, Teacher, Columbus City Schools. Our Student Arts Program is just one of the many ways we are having a measurable impact in the community. Watch the video and share it with others. Support this vital programming by clicking the button below.

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Harmony Project is people — different faiths, different ethnicities, different backgrounds, different abilities, and different beliefs — practicing the powerful idea that the dissonance between us can be disrupted when people work together.


Harmony Project is art. Art is the catalyst for change — combating disinformation, shattering stereotypes, expanding cultural knowledge, and creating empathy for one another. Creativity fosters a shared space where people can embrace their differences and build social harmony.


Harmony Project is community, inspiring individuals to meet their own biases head-on. Neighbors and neighborhoods are engaged in service to forge a path toward a richer and more inclusive community. It takes more than one voice to live in harmony. 

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